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Москва, October 18, 2019

Try our novelty! Werther´s Original Soft Chocolate Toffees Allow yourself a little piece of true bliss!

Soft creamy toffee covered in fine milk chocolate – a pleasure which is hard to resist.


Werther´s Original Soft Chocolate Toffees: The gentle combination of soft creamy toffee and melting-in-the-mouth milk chocolate makes these candies a moment of pure indulgence. With the characteristic Werther´s Original caramel taste and excellent consistency – in a refined and convenient packaging!



Nutritious information 100 gr:


Protein: 4,2 g

Total Fat: 20,7 g, including Saturated Fat: 13,1 g

Total Carbohydrate: 65,6 g, including Sugar: 46,3 g, Salt: 0,34 g

Calories: 1942 kJ/463 kcal


See the full product composition on the packaging