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Fun fruit-flavoured chews

Mamba chews have been popular with children and adults alike for over 70 years. The delicious fruity chew treats are available in a range of tasty varieties, and the practical packs are also great for sharing. What is your favourite flavour?


Mamba stands for fruit-flavoured chewing fun in tasty varieties: Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, and Cherry. A fruit treat that is perfect for sharing and passing around! Each pack contains six individually wrapped chews.

Mamba Tropics

Mamba Tropics is a delicious mix of tropical fruit: Mango-Orange, Pineapple-Coconut, Peach-Passion Fruit, Apple-Kiwi!

Mamba 2 in 1

Mamba 2 in 1 is tasty chewing fun based on a mix of 2 fruit. It comes in four double-fruit varieties: Watermelon-Apple, Peach-Raspberry, Cherry-Banana and Red currant-Lime.

Mamba Cola & Friends

Mamba Cola & Friends is a combination of cola and fruit flavours in each chewy candy! Merge into the ocean of fun and taste cool and unusual combinations: Cola-Lemon, Cola-Cherry, Cola-Orange, Cola-Pineapple!

Mamba Bags

Mamba bags contain delicious and soft fruit chews in exciting shapes and various flavours – creating the ultimate chewing fun! Just fantastic mambastic!

Mamba Gummies

Mamba Frumeladki are delicious fruitgums with fruitjuice and vitamins, which are available in many different flavours and playful funny shapes.

60 years of Mamba – the story of an eternally young brand
70 years of Mamba – the story of an eternally young brand


Mamba Gummies

Long–expected launch of Mamba gummies took place in 2017!
These gummies contain natural fruit juice and vitamins. Kids love Mamba gummies very much because they are not only delicious, but also funny! Create your own funny heroes!


New ERA for Mamba

In 2014 Mamba triumphantly returned to the Russian TV screens with a new TV advertising campaign "The Island" ! Mamba is a modern and dynamic brand, that keeps up with the times! With Mamba even the most boring moments are transformed into fun & adventure!


Mamba launched on the Russian market

Mamba chewy candy started its career in Russia in 1993. Sinse that time Mamba brings lots of joy to its consumers by its great taste and high level quality standarts. The advertising campaign "Everybody likes Mamba! And Serezha too!" became one of the brightest symbols of the 90s and would be forever in the hearts of the audience! Since that time Mamba never stops bringing joy and surprises to the Russian consumers: the ingredients, flavors and packaging are constantly being updated, and quality standards are always at the high level!


Mamba launched on the German market

Mamba chewy candy started its career in Germany in 1953. The tastiness, and also the affordable price, makes the small packs of Mamba with six chews each an immediate hit.

Mamba 1953: Mamba launched on the German market