merci, for being you.
merci, for being you.
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Thank you means merci.

Finest chocolate, made from selected ingredients and individually wrapped in gold: this is how merci made its way into people’s hearts since 1964. Not surprisingly, as merci is the gift to give as a very special thank you. Thank you means merci - merci, for being you.

merci Limited Edition

For merci lovers - the merci Limited Editions in four delicious flavours. As a small thank you, for sharing or just as a treat for yourself. For a short time only.

merci Finest Selection

The classic merci – five carefully selected chocolate varieties, made with the finest ingredients: Great Variety, Milk Variety, Dark Variety, Crispy Almond Variety and Mousse au Chocolat Variety.

merci Tablets

merci Tablets – made for a great self-indulgence. Discover seven delicious varieties of merci core range. Every pack consists of four small, exquisite high quality chocolate tablets, individually wrapped in gold and incomparably melt-in-the-mouth.

Enjoy beyond that new merci Whole Nut tablets – a composition of delicate, soft-melting chocolate and selected whole nuts, available in three popular varieties.

Thank you means merci. Today, in more than 90 countries all over the world, people say thank you with merci.


New merci Variety

The merci Mousse au Chocolat Variety consists of 4 new types of delightful chocolate bars with delicate chocolate mousse fillings: chocolate cocoa mousse, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate nuts mousse. This new merci Variety will win the hearts of all chocolate lovers!


More choice for lovers of crunchy chocolate

Launched in 2014 and an immediate success: the merci Crispy Almond Variety comes in in four popular flavors (Hazelnut-Almond, White Almond Crisp, Almond Honey Crunch and Dark Almond Cream.)

merci 2013: More choice for lovers of crunchy chocolate


New fine chocolate tablets

merci fine tablets come in a selection of delicious varieties. Each pack offers four small chocolate tablets that are individually gold-wrapped and incomparably melt-in-the-mouth: the merci family's latest bestseller.

merci 2015: New fine chocolate tablets


Launch in Russia

Merci was launched in Russia in 1995 and since that time people have a unique opportunity to express their gratitute with merci.


A claim conquers the world

Since 1988 “merci, for being you” is that special way to say thank you.
At this time merci Finest Selection already comes in 8 carefully selected varieties.

merci 1988: A claim conquers the world


merci from the bottom of my heart

Start of the success story! In 1964, Storck surprised the world with a totally new type of chocolate: a selection of fine chocolate bars, individually wrapped in gold – the ultimate way to say thank you.

merci 1965: merci from the bottom of my heart