About OOO Storck

For decades AUGUST STORCK KG successfully produces quality sugar confectionery and chocolate specialties. Starting as a candy manufacturer in 1903, the company is still an owner-managed family business and is among the 10 largest confectionery manufacturers worldwide. More than 100 countries around the world are supplied with the unique brands and products.


The appearance of Storck products in Russia on store shelves in 1994 was also the beginning of a great successful story of such brands as Mamba with its famous advertisement "Everyone likes Mamba! And Seryozha too!» Toffifee as a delicious treat for tea drinking and merci, which has been chosen by Russian consumers for more than 20 years as a gift and a token of gratitude.


The Storck office in Russia was open in Moscow in 1996. Since then, the Company's staff has increased in several times meanwhile Storck products are convincing consumer across Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!


At Storck, everything is about one thing only, and at all times: we create joy. Our employees are the basis for what has made Storck special for more than 100 years. The team is built by people with a wide range of different skills who share the passion for the company’s brands and strive for professional and personal growth and development.

Sales area: OOO Storck

Sales area

The sales area covers 4 countries with approx. 161 million inhabitants.

Storck location


Moscow, Russia