Privacy Policy

1. General provisions
OOO STORCK (hereinafter referred to as Storck) takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and processes your data (including collection, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, alteration, updating, variation, retrieval, use, transmission, dissemination, submission, accessing, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data) on Storck (the “Website”) only in accordance with the personal data protection laws and regulations, Including the RF Federal Law dd. July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” and regulatory enactments adopted thereunder. Storck takes requisite legal, technical, and organizational measures for personal data protection and ensuring security thereof.

When collecting personal data, including via “Internet” information and telecommunication network, Storck ensures recordal, classification, accumulation, storage, alteration (updating, variation), retrieval of personal data of RF citizens using data bases located within the RF territory, except as may be otherwise provided by RF laws.

Links to other third-party resources may be posted on Storck's Website and Storck shall not be liable for processing of your personal data in case of shifting to such third-party resources and cannot have any influence on such process.
2. Type, scope and purpose of data collection, processing and usage
2.1 Data and information collected on the Website
Depending on your activity on the Website, Storck may processes your personal data including your designation, surname, name, patronymic, residential address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other information directly or indirectly related to you as the personal data subject (see i. 2.3 of the Policy). Furthermore, when you visit the Website, we may automatically capture technical data on your access to and use of the Website, as described in detail in i. 2.2 of the Policy.
2.2 Website usage
When you visit our Website, you may receive information about Storck, our products and services, read news, and avail of other useful services without submission of any information about yourself. Provided that in order to ensure high quality of services, Website user-friendliness, optimization of its performance, and for marketing purposes we may use cookies and collect technical data on the Website visiting and use, including IP address, visited pages URLs, time and date of visits, files accessed, etc.

Such data is automatically collected, processed and used on Storck's Website, using web-provider’s technology. For this purpose cookies (small text files, saved at your device) may be used for determining your Web browser. Technical information so acquired is anonymous, IP addresses are processed and used in this procedure anonymously, therefore they will not be used for your personal identification. You may disable cookies at any time by changing cookie settings (see item 3) and delete them form your device.
2.3 Personal data processing
When using the Website you may provide your personal data which may be used for communication with your or for your personal identification. Storck processes only such personal data that you have been provided by you. E.g., you may enter your personal data when communicating your feedbacks, suggestions, proposals and comments with regard to Storck products, Website, when sending CVs, participating in promotions, contests, polls, and other marketing activities and when using other services available on the Website. Storck will process personal data provided by you when you use the Website, subject to your prior consent and only for the purpose of receiving, review, analyzing of and prompt response to feedback and requests of consumers, applications for open vacancies, and for purposes related to promotion and improvement of our products, informing about new products, consultancy and informational support, holding of marketing events and research, optimization and improvement in quality of Website performance. If Storck needs your consent, you will be specifically informed by a text message about the necessity for granting your consent with indication of particular purposes of processing of your personal data, confirmation button and/or comment mark (*). By making available your personal data in accordance with the above referenced purposes, terms and conditions, and manner you grant your consent to the processing of your personal data for such purposes and to the cross-border transfer of your personal data to August Storck KG to the territory of Germany for the above purposes.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by a communication in writing or electronically. If you have not granted your consent or have withdrawn it, processing of your personal data in accordance with this item will not be performed or will be discontinued immediately. Storck Services are provided regardless of whether you grant your consent or not.
2.4 Other data usage
Your personal data will not be stored, processed or used otherwise than provided for herein above. In particular, we do not create profiles using your personal data such as your name or your other personally identifiable information.
3. Right to receive, contest or withdraw information
At your written request we will provide you with information about your personal data processing. For this purpose, please contact us at:

Vivaldi Plaza Business Center 2/3 Letnikovskaya St. 115114 Moscow, Russia

The same applies if you wish to have your personal data that is stored by us deleted. We would like to refer you to the fact that you can withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data by e-mail or letter with immediate effect. To disable cookies (see item 2.2) in the cookie settings, click here.